Fresh 12 weeks program

  • Go for long-term results!

  • Through a personal measurement (o-measurement) we gain insight into your health

  • Intensive guidance from your coach

  • During the 12-week program you will receive personal coaching on sleep, stress and nutrition

  • Free showers, lockers and sauna

  • Winner best sports club of the year in Amsterdam

12 weeks program Amsterdam

Fresh offers much more than just a gym. At Fresh we stand for a personal approach. That’s why we developed the highly successful 12-week program in which you have 5 appointments with a trainer. After that, you can schedule a half-hour with one of our trainers every month!

Je krijgt een persoonlijk advies over bewegen, voeding en lifestyle dat het best bij jouw doelstelling aansluit. De professionele instructeurs houden rekening met jouw ervaring, eventuele blessures en de uitkomst van een aantal fysieke tests.

Would you like more guidance? Then a Personal trainer might be for you! Click below for more information.

What do we offer?

  • Successful coaching program from 174,- euro

  • A fun relaxed atmosphere, because sports should also be fun! Our clients range in age from 16 to 86 years old

  • Quality: our trainers undergo constant training

  • We offer the ability to chat with your personal trainer and coach via the Fresh app!

  • Sports club of the year in Amsterdam

Club presentation

Would you like to stop by for more information? We will be happy to make time for you to explain all our services and answer all your questions. Leave your details using the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Of course, you are also welcome to come and take a look at Fresh on your own initiative. Try to do this at a quiet time, so we can really take the time for you! Quiet moments are:

  • Monday before 9:00, or between 12:00-16:00
  • Tuesdays before 9:00, or between 14:30-17:30
  • Wednesday before 9:00, or between 11:00-17:00 or after 20:00
  • Thursday all day
  • Friday from 13:00
  • Saturday from 13:00
  • Sunday all day

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Our personal trainers

Markus Torenstra

Directeur-eigenaar / Personal Trainer

Rob Segaar

Life coach / Personal Trainer

Denise Hamelijnck

Leefstijlcoach / Personal Trainer

Jasper Fysio & PT

Jasper Mulder

Personal Trainer / Fysiotherapeut

Lindsay Burgess

Personal Trainer

Daniel Karreman

Personal Trainer

Milan Antoni

Personal Trainer / Diëtist

Martijn Kievit

Personal Trainer

Danielle Hamelijnck – den Ouden

Diëtist / Leefstijlcoach / Personal Trainer

Michael Waasdorp

Personal Trainer / Mylogenics

Imke de Graaf

Fysiotherapeut / Medisch Personal Trainer

Jamie Mazboudi

Personal Trainer