First of all, you can always go to Fresh to simply exercise. Moving with pleasure is very important. In addition to fitness, also think of the lessons where people enjoy sports together and tackle objectives together.

Fresh is known for its cosy, relaxed atmosphere and the personal guidance by the staff. Every day we strive to guarantee these characteristics from our three pillars: – Quality – Sociability – Hygiene

We are happy to help everyone towards a healthier lifestyle and our audience is therefore extremely varied; the older and the younger athlete, the novice and advanced athlete, the slim and the somewhat heavier athlete, the recreational and top athlete, and everything in between. If you are striving for a permanently healthier body, choose a fitness club that you enjoy going to. As a result, you go more often, and you drop out less quickly.

The personal approach ensures that you receive advice about exercise, nutrition and lifestyle that suits your goals perfectly. The professional instructors take into account your current level, any injuries and the outcome of a number of physical tests. After all, every person is unique and deserves a personal approach.

Training advice must therefore be personal, tailored to your resilience and taking the following points into account:

Nutrition – Objectives – Workability – Rest vs stress level – Pleasure in the training – The hormone balance – Training time and training frequency

So at Fresh we look at what the individual customer needs. We will encourage some customers to do less, while others need an extra push. Fresh does not teach you to train more, rather to train better. It is not without reason that we say: Fitness at Fresh is work with people!

Fresh’ training vision is based on years of knowledge that we have gained in various training courses.

All our customers are guided with this vision and receive a personalized program as standard. Do you want more? Then a Personal trainer might be the ideal match! Then take a look at the overview of our Personal trainers.

For new members we have a fantastic 12-week program to help you on your way! Click here for the full 12-week program.

The monthly intake of half an hour applies to current members.

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