You can! You are welcome to try Fresh before signing up for a subscription. There are three ways to get to know Fresh. Click here for the possibilities.

You can take out a membership with Fresh at the front desk of Fresh, or click here. In addition to the cost of the membership or the rides card, you will be charged a registration fee for the Fresh Start Program and for creating an account in the Fresh app. You also pay a 12.50 euro deposit for the access tag, which you get back when you return the tag. The 12-week Fresh Start Program, the guidance of our coaches, booking group classes, the sauna, and the use of the Fresh app are all included with each subscription or rides card.

In principle, all payments are made by direct debit. In exceptional cases, this can be deviated from and you can pay cash, by PIN, or by credit card. Paying by iDEAL is also possible. Payment of the subscription is always monthly and before the period.

We would like to receive changes to, for example, an address, bank account number, phone number, or email address by mail at

Would you like a customized subscription because you travel a lot for work (KLM, Journalist)? Mail to for the possibilities, we like to think with you, for example by offering a rides card or customized subscription.

If you lose your access tag, you can report it to the front desk. They will link a new tag to your account. You will be charged another 12,50 euros as a deposit. If you find your old tag again, you can return it and you will receive the 12.50 euros deposit back.

Temporary blocking of your subscription is possible for as long as needed. For this, a certificate from your doctor, specialist, or therapist needs to be presented. Blocking must always take place in advance and cannot be processed retroactively.

Blocking subscriptions does not lead to the suspension of payment obligations associated with the subscription. The end date of your subscription will be moved forward with the duration of the blocking.

Did you know that our trainers work closely with the physiotherapists at Plexus? We would love to help you!

If you are going on vacation for 4 weeks or longer, we are happy to think with you. Mail to for a suitable solution. Blocking always needs to be done in advance and cannot be processed retroactively.

Blocking of subscriptions does not lead to suspension of payment obligations related to the subscription. The end date of your subscription will be moved forward for the duration of the blocking. Blocking your subscription is allowed once per calendar year.


Exercising during pregnancy offers many advantages for the baby and you as an expectant mother. On presentation of a statement of your due date, you, therefore, get 4.5 months of sports as a gift. From 6 weeks before till 12 weeks after your due date, you can sport for free at Fresh! Mail to for the conditions. You can also get extra guidance from our specialized fitness trainers. We would be happy to make a suitable training schedule for you, advise you on following group classes and we can help you adjust your diet. Please contact us at

If you are moving but will continue to play sports at Fresh, please notify us of your new address.

Are you moving outside the region? Then stop your subscription in time.

You can cancel your subscription by registered letter, by mail, or at the counter with the appropriate form. Cancellations by phone will not be processed! Subscriptions cannot be canceled within the contract period, and upon the termination of the subscription, you must take a notice period into account.

The deposit paid for the access tag will be refunded upon termination of your subscription and return of the access tag. The right to a refund of the deposit expires 3 months after the termination of your subscription.

The registration fee paid at registration is valid until 9 months after termination of any type of subscription. If you wish to subscribe again after this period you will have to pay the registration fee again.

Subscriptions are not terminable within the contract term. When terminating your subscription, you must take into account a notice period. The notice period for monthly subscriptions is 7 days and for all other types of subscriptions 1 month. If you do not cancel on time in writing or at the counter, the subscription will be converted into a subscription for an indefinite period with a notice period of 1 month and you remain obliged to pay.

With an off-peak season ticket, you have access on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 6:50 to 17:00, on Thursday and Friday from 6:50 to closing time, and no access on weekends.

Would you like to work out once outside off-peak hours? Then you can exercise with a surcharge of 5 euros at a time that suits you best.

It is possible to change your subscription from off-peak to standard hours on an interim basis. Upon the change, the subscription term will start again from that date. In some cases, it is possible to make another interim change. Please contact us for this via

Yes, there are! In both the men’s and women’s changing room there are plenty of lockers available. These lockers work with a (self-chosen) numerical code, so coins or locks are not needed.

Yes, there is! Log on to the network ‘Fresh Fitness Free’ and check ‘Gast toegang’ in your browser. You are now connected to our free wifi network!

Fresh offers much more than just a gym. At Fresh, we stand for a personal approach. Every Fresh member starts with the 12-week program in which you have 5 appointments with a trainer. After that, you can schedule a half-hour appointment with one of our trainers every 6 to 8 weeks.

You will receive personal advice on exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle that best suits your goals. The professional instructors take into account your experience, possible injuries, and the outcome of several physical tests. More info? Click here.

In addition to the Fresh Start Program and monthly coaching from our fitness coaches, we also have personal trainers, physical therapists, dietitians, a vitality coach, and a life coach. Look here fore our team.

How nice! Our trainers can help you to carefully draw up a personal training schedule, offer technical instructions and corrections and give advice in the field of nutrition and lifestyle. This way you can focus on achieving your goals! Depending on your training goals and availability we are happy to help you choose a coach, please contact us at

The costs for personal training consist of a ride card for the training sessions and a fitness subscription (with a discount!) for the entrance. Please note: several conditions apply to personal training. Arriving late during a training session will be at the expense of the training time. The training sessions must be paid for before the training by paying for a single session or a ride card. Refund is only possible in exceptional cases. Training times are planned. In case of cancellation or rescheduling, this should be communicated at least 24 hours in advance. Each training session lasts 60 minutes unless otherwise agreed.

As a member of Fresh, you can use the Fresh app for free where you can view your training schedule, track your progress or sign up for a group class. We also have the unique possibility to chat with your trainer and coach through the Fresh app!

Download the app here

Request a new password via the app. Not able to do it at all anymore? Please email so we can help you further.

Up to 16 years old you may only train with us under the supervision of an adult or personal trainer. Between 16 and 18 years you can only train independently after an intake with one of our trainers. This trainer will then determine whether you can train with or without supervision at Fresh. From the age of 18 you can train independently at Fresh.

You are welcome for a cup of coffee! Please send your CV + motivation to so we can invite you for an introductory meeting.

Get in touch via or 020-6751207.