Getting to know Fresh can be done in three ways:

Try Fresh for two weeks for 30 euros!

You can use all our facilities such as the fitness, group lessons and sauna. Also, order one of our healthy shakes & smoothies in our lounge. Do you then become a member? Then you get the 30 euros back!

You can also directly use our Fresh Start Program, where our trainers can help you achieve your goals. Curious? View the 12 week Fresh Start Program here!

Fill in the form and we will contact you about your wishes as soon as possible.

2. Do you want to try Fresh for a day?

Book a free group lesson or appointment with a trainer now by filling in the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Note: Only by appointment.

Do you want to try Fresh for one day without an appointment?

You can also visit Fresh and request a day pass for 15 euros. If you then want to become a member, you will get the 15 euros back from us!

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Guided tour

Would you like to come by for more information? We are happy to make time for you to explain all our services and answer all your questions. Leave your details via the form and we will contact you as soon as possible!

What do you get with an introduction?

During your introduction, nothing is too crazy for us. During the intake with a professional trainer, we ask you all about it, so that we can focus on your situation as closely as possible.

  • You can make an appointment with one of our trainers

  • You can take our group lessons

  • You can use all of our facilities