Exercise during pregnancy offers many benefits for you as an expectant mother:

  • It contributes to a good hormone balance in your body

  • It is good for your mood and psychological health

  • It can help prevent or reduce certain pregnancy symptoms such as back pain or pregnancy diabetes

  • It ensures that you stay strong and gain less weight during pregnancy

  • You can recover faster after giving birth

Do you want to stay fit during or after your pregnancy?

If you are reading this, you are probably pregnant, and we would like to congratulate you on this amazing news!

A pregnancy is something very beautiful that you can fully enjoy. Yet it could also bring a lot of uncertainty: when you are pregnant, a lot changes for your body and that requires a special approach!

At Fresh Fitness, your health and the health of your child are of great importance

You can therefore receive extra guidance from our specialized fitness trainers. We are happy to make a suitable training schedule for you, advise you on taking group lessons and can help you adjust your diet. Please contact us via info@fresh-fitness.nl.

An active lifestyle is also very important for your baby’s development:

  • This promotes the development of the brain, heart and lungs
  • A better motor development
  • Less chance of being overweight

With fitness trainer Lindsay and fitness manager Jasper you can book your intake before or after your pregnancy. Do you prefer to have one-on-one guidance during your pregnancy? Then Personal training is of course also a possibility. Lindsay, Jasper, Martijn, Denise and Daniëlle are happy to help you.

Fresh pregnancy arrangements

We also offer you as an expectant mother a special pregnancy arrangement on your subscription. From 6 weeks before to 12 weeks after your due date, you can exercise for free at Fresh! Ask at the reception about the conditions for the pregnancy scheme.

Credit: Moms Gone Strong – Pre- and post-natal exercise manual

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