When you become a member of Fresh Health & Fitness it is for an indefinite period. Cancellation of the subscription must be done in writing by registered mail or at the counter. Subscriptions cannot be canceled within the contract period. The cancellation period for monthly subscriptions is 7 days, and for all other subscription types 1 month. If you do not cancel in time by registered mail or at the counter, your subscription will be converted into a subscription for an indefinite period with a notice period of 1 month and you remain obliged to make the payment. The registration fee paid at registration is valid until 9 months after termination of any form of subscription. If you wish to take out a subscription again after this period, you will owe a new registration fee. The deposit paid for the member card or key will be refunded to you after termination of your subscription and returning the member card or key. The right to a refund of the deposit expires 3 months after termination of your subscription. If your installment payments are not paid on time, Fresh Health & Fitness reserves the right to claim the remaining subscription terms in one go. The costs associated with these judicial and / or extrajudicial collection procedures are for your account.

If you are not able to use the facilities at all due to an injury or illness, it is possible to temporarily deactivate the subscription upon presentation of a medical statement. The end date of your subscription is pushed back by the relevant deactivation period. However, the primary payment schedule remains in full force. Deactivation can never take place retroactively.

The number of visits associated with a particular subscription type must be established within the applicable duration. Any outstanding visits after this period will be canceled. The duration of a ride card depends on the type of ride card.

The membership agreement only relates to the listed activities and the indicated duration, price and number of visits. Unless expressly stated otherwise, membership is strictly personal and non-transferable. In case of misuse, the card or key will be taken. In case of loss of the membership card or key, this must be reported immediately, whereby a replacement card or key will be issued against payment.

Fresh Health & Fitness is at all times entitled to change the usage times, class schedules and rates, as well as to implement inflation correction in the rates determined by the CBS Consumer Price Index. During public holidays, Fresh Health & Fitness reserves the right to close the club, without this leading to a reduction in subscription costs or a refund.

The subscriber / star declares by signing this membership agreement to comply with the house rules drawn up by Fresh Health & Fitness and to follow the instructions. Fresh Health & Fitness is at all times entitled to deny anyone who does not adhere to the rules access for a period to be determined by Fresh Health & Fitness, without any right to a refund of subscription fees already paid.

All cases and / or situations for which the above regulations do not provide will be exclusively assessed and decided by the management of Fresh Health & Fitness.