Membership of Fresh is for an unlimited period. Cancellation of your membership must be in writing. No membership may be cancelled during the contract period. The notice period for a monthly membership is 7 days, and for all other memberships one month. If notice is not given in a timely fashion, the membership will be automatically changed into a one month ongoing membership, regardless of whether or not you use the facilities. The registration fee paid at the outset of the membership is valid for 9 months after the end of the membership. If you wish to take out a new membership after the 9 months has lapsed you will be required to pay the registration fee again. The deposit that you pay for your entry pass will be refunded at the end of your membership when the pass is returned. Failure to return the pass within 3 months after the end of the membership will mean forfeiting the deposit. If monthly fees are not paid in a timely fashion, Fresh retains the right to demand immediate payment the remainder of the membership fees. Any costs relating to any judicial and/or extra-judicial collection procedures are at your own expense.

In the case of an illness or injury which prevents you from making use of the facilities it is possible to temporarily deactivate your membership upon providing a medical declaration. The end date of your membership is extended by the relevant period of deactivation. The contractual payment schedule remains effective. Deactivation of your membership cannot be applied retrospectively.

The number of visits included in any restricted membership must be used within the stipulated period. Any outstanding visits at the end of the membership will be forfeited. The validity of a ride card depends on the selected card.

If an appointment has to be cancelled (intake or personal training), you must reschedule or cancel the appointment at least 24 hours in advance. If the trainer is not contacted in time, the session will be cancelled.

The Membership contract applies solely to the duration, price and number of visits. Unless expressly stipulated, the membership is strictly personal and not transferable. Abuse of this will lead to confiscation of the entry pass. Loss of the entry pass must be reported immediately, and a after payment of a new deposit a new entry pass will be provided.

Fresh Health & Fitness retains the right to change opening times, lesson schedules and prices as well as changing prices in accordance with inflation as determined by the CBS Consumer Price Index. Fresh Health & Fitness retains the right to close the facilities on public holidays without reducing or refunding subscription fees.

Appropriate clothing must be worn in the sports areas at all times. Clean sports shoes are required, as is the use of a towel. A bathrobe and flip-flops must be worn when making use of the sauna. It is not permitted to take bags into the class or gym areas, these should be left in the lockers in the changing rooms.

It is not permitted to use drugs or other stimulants whilst using Fresh Health & Fitness facilities. Use of such items will lead to immediate termination of the membership, without the right to compensation of any outstanding subscription fees.

You are required to abide by to the instructions and regulations provided by Fresh Health & Fitness including without limitation with respect to clothing, behavior and discipline (halter neck tops are not tolerated, neither is rowdy behavior or offensive use of language). Fresh Health & Fitness reserves the right to refuse admittance to the premises to anyone who does not abide by these regulations and to immediately terminate membership without restitution.

Use of the facilities at Fresh Health & Fitness is entirely at your own risk. Fresh Health & Fitness accepts no responsibility for damages as a consequence of accident, theft, fire or other circumstances leading to damage, unless proven to be with intent or due to gross negligence.

Members agree, by signing this contract, to abide by the rules and regulations determined by Fresh Health & Fitness. Fresh Health & Fitness retains the right to terminate the contract of any member, or refuse entry for any length of period to any person, who does not abide by these rules and regulations, without offering any form of compensation.

Any situations or incidents not covered by the above rules and regulations will be resolved at the exclusive discretion of the management of Fresh Health & Fitness.