Strength Training at Fresh Fitness:

  • 12-week customized program

  • Training under supervision

  • Enjoy all our facilities

  • Rating of 8.8 after 500+ reviews

  • Sports club of the year in Amsterdam

Strength training in Amsterdam

Have you heard that strength training is good for you, or do you know that from your own experience? Join us in Amsterdam Zuid (the Pijp). There are plenty of opportunities for strength training. We have the latest equipment, user-friendly machines and of course the famous dumbbells.

Personal coaching during strength training

What really distinguishes us is the personal coaching we offer. Especially with strength training, it is important that your technique is good. As a member of Fresh you can schedule half an hour every month with one of our trainers to adjust your training schedule or to help you with your technique. You start with a 12-week program so you have five appointments in the first twelve weeks you work out at Fresh. Completely free with an active subscription.

Is strength training something for me?

Strength training is generally good for everyone, except if, for example, you have just had a major operation or if you have just given birth. Then rest and recovery are of course very important. We help you distinguish between the facts and the myths, so fire away with all your questions to our trainers. We have a versatile team, so if a trainer does not know the answer, we can ask each other. That way we can do everything to help you further in your goals and desires.

Have you become enthusiastic? Then fill out the contact formand let us know if you want to get a free trial session at Fresh in Amsterdam Zuid (the Pijp). Hope to see you soon!

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