Mobility Training at Fresh Fitness:

  • 12-week customized program

  • Training under supervision

  • Enjoy all our facilities

  • Rating of 8.8 after 500+ reviews

  • Sports club of the year in Amsterdam

Mobility training Amsterdam

Do you wake up with stiff muscles? Or do you suffer from back pain after a day of work? Do you want to play with children or grandchildren again, or do you want to squat deeper? Then mobility training would be perfect for you. You can add mobility exercises as a warm up before your training or you can get to work in the fitness at our gym in Amsterdam. We notice that many of our customers want to increase their mobility, but do not really know. We are of course happy to help!

We can help you with, among other things, an improved:

  • Ankle mobility
  • Hip mobility
  • Back mobility
  • Shoulder mobility
  • Wrist mobility

Fitness and mobility training

Whatever your athletic goal is, mobility training can help you to get better at what you aspire to do. We offer personal coaching to our fitness clients with a 12-week program and after that, monthly guidance. Of course you can also opt for more guidance with one of our personal trainers.

More freedom of movement with the right tools

There is more than enough space to do your mobility training in our gym in Amsterdam. There are, among other things, elastic bands, mats, sticks and balls. Our trainers have enough experience to help you, but please let us know if you have specific goals or if you notice that you need more room to move in your back or hips, for example.

Fill in the contact form and let us know if you want to get started with mobility training!

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