Work out with a fitness coach at Fresh Fitness:

  • 12-week customized program

  • Training under supervision

  • Enjoy all our facilities

  • Rating of 8.8 after 500+ reviews

  • Sports club of the year in Amsterdam

Are you looking for a fitness coach in Amsterdam?

Do not look any further because at Fresh you can plan in an appointment every month with one of our fitness coaches. That is even part of you Fresh Fitness membership! Due to the large chains in Amsterdam, it is becoming increasingly difficult for athletes to find personal guidance during exercise. This is exactly where we want to distinguish ourselves! We even won the award for best gym in Amsterdam 2021, which is partly due to the personal approach of our fitness coaches.

Personal guidance from a fitness coach

If you want to work with a fitness coach at Fresh in Amsterdam, you can expect personal guidance. You can contact us without obligation and if you want, start with our 12-week program. We will kick this off with an initial intake in which we ask about your goals, how you think you will achieve them, about any injuries you might have and whether we can help you with stress, sleep and nutrition. You can find more information about our 12-week program here.

Tailored guidance from a fitness coach

At Fresh you can opt for either monthly or weekly guidance from a fitness coach. In case you would like weekly guidance, then it would be useful to check our page with personal trainers. If you want to receive monthly guidance then this will be free with a regular Fresh Fitness subscription.

Fill out the contact form and let us know if you want to work with a personal fitness coach with us in Amsterdam!

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