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Experience personal training in Amsterdam South (de Pijp)

Could your lifestyle use an upgrade? Losing weight, getting fitter, feeling better: whatever goal you have, you want to work on it. You can always use the help of a real professional. A personal trainer is always available with tips, advice and support. The focus is on what you want and what you can get out of yourself.

If you take personal training with us in Amsterdam then you can assume that we can help you with your goals. The great thing about Fresh is that we have a great team of personal trainers with different areas of expertise. In addition, we help each other. We work together with physiotherapists, coaches and dieticians.

We have a diverse team with various specialties such as:

  • Burnout
  • Obesity
  • Menopause
  • Osteoporosis
  • Hormone balance
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Kickboxing training
  • Pregnancy training
  • Body transformation
  • Nutrition advice (dietitian)
  • Medical personal training
  • Top sport (Olympic level)
  • Injury prevention / rehabilitation
  • Hypertension (or other cardiovascular diseases)

We are sure that with Fresh you will feel at home and will achieve your sporting goals with the help of personal training!

Fill in the contact form and let us know if you want to get started in our gym in Amsterdam South (de Pijp) and the owner Markus Torenstra will find the right match for you. Please let us know if you have a preference for a day, time and/or trainer.

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Our personal trainers

Markus Torenstra

Director-Owner / Personal Trainer

Rob Segaar

Life coach / Personal Trainer

Denise Hamelijnck

Livestyle Coach / Personal Trainer

Jasper Fysio & PT

Jasper Mulder

Personal Trainer / Physiotherapist

Lindsay Burgess

Personal Trainer

Daniel Karreman

Personal Trainer

Milan Antoni

Personal Trainer / Dietitian

Martijn Kievit

Personal Trainer

Danielle Hamelijnck – den Ouden

Dietitian / Lifestyle Coach / Personal Trainer

Michael Waasdorp

Personal Trainer / Mylogenics

Imke de Graaf

Physiotherapist / Medical Personal Trainer