Dear Athlete,

How nice that you have shown interest in our gym! We have tried to call you, but we cannot reach you. We would like to call you again soon. Can you let us know how we can get in touch with you?

We would love to show you around our club at Fresh Fitness, Tolstraat 59 in Amsterdam (de Pijp). This will take about 15 minutes and we would like to hear what we can do for you and then we can show you what you can expect from us. We hope you will have time to come and visit us soon.

Send a reply to this mail when and how we can reach you best, or call 020-6751207 to schedule a club presentation yourself.

Of course you are also welcome to come and take a look at Fresh on your own initiative. Try to do this at a quiet moment, so we can really take the time for you! Quiet times are:

  • Monday before 9AM, between 12PM – 4PM
  • Tuesday before 9AM, between 2:30PM – 5:30 PM
  • Wednesday before 9AM, between 11AM-5PM or after 8PM
  • Thursday all day
  • Friday from 1PM
  • Saturday from 1PM
  • Sunday all day

Greetings and see you soon,