Newsletter 14-06-2024

At Fresh Fitness, we strive to provide you with the best guidance so you can get the most out of your membership. Therefore, we want to emphasize the importance of signing up for push notifications and reading our newsletter. This way, you will always stay informed about what’s happening and never miss important updates from Fresh. You can read more about this in this newsletter.

What’s new?

We have launched a brand new app to guide you even better. Download it now to:

• Easily log in to new equipment
• Access our group classes
• Enjoy many extras like various training programs and advice on nutrition and stress management
• Chat with your personal coach
• Connect with your wearables such as Polar, Fitbit, Apple Health, and more.

Why are push notifications important?

Push notifications keep you informed about:

• Schedule changes for classes
• Important announcements and news
• New events and special activities

How to enable push notifications:

1. Open the Fresh Fitness app on your phone.
2. Go to the app settings.
3. Select the ‘Notifications’ section.
4. Agree to receive push notifications.

Don’t miss out!

In addition to push notifications, we send a maximum of one newsletter per month. This newsletter contains essential updates, offers, and information to enhance your fitness experience at Fresh. This is our way of personally and clearly informing you about what’s happening within our club.

At Fresh Fitness, we value personal guidance. Therefore, make use of our support by:

  • Reading our newsletter for important updates
  • Enabling push notifications for direct alerts

Need help?

Do you need help enabling push notifications or activating the newsletter? Feel free to visit the reception. We are happy to help ensure that you don’t miss anything.

Adjustment of subscriptions

As a result of the current inflation (5.1%) and the associated rising costs, we are forced to adjust the prices at Fresh as well.

Fortunately, we have managed to limit this to 2 euros per month on subscriptions for current members and 4 euros per month for new members. This adjustment allows us to maintain the quality of our services and products that you have come to expect from us.

For current members we also have the option to extend your subscription for a 12-month loyalty period. This subscription is 63 euros per month for unlimited access and 48 euros per month during off-peak times. That gives you a discount of 7 euros per month compared to the normal price. Would you like to take out this affordable subscription? This is possible until January 15 at the Fresh reception.

Small Group Personal Training

If you want to take the next step in the field of training, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, take this opportunity now!

Personal guidance from our toppers Michael, Seran and Daniel in groups of a maximum of 4-6 people. We always start Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) with an extensive intake of 90 minutes and a tailor-made training schedule.

All this from 110 euros per month (1 training per week and a very extensive intake at the start of your program).

– Optimal guidance with your own schedule in a small group.

– Very clear measuring moments to measure progress

– The ideal middle ground between self-training and personal training

We will start with 3-4 groups so places are limited.

Would you like more information or register immediately?

That’s possible, email us at or drop by the reception.

New Schedule!

Starting this decmber, we have a brand new class schedule! We have added several classes and listened to the needs of our members. We have something for everyone. Think for example of challenging kickboxing classes with Seran, and for all pilates lovers we have added several new classes. Are you curious about the full class schedule? Then take a look at our website.