Working out at Fresh Fitness:

  • 12-week customized program

  • Training under supervision

  • Enjoy all our facilities

  • Rating of 8.8 after 500+ reviews

  • Sports club of the year in Amsterdam

Do you suffer from back pain?

Come and work out with us in Amsterdam to reduce your back pain! At Fresh we have various trainers who can help you reduce or get rid of your back problems. Jasper is our back specialist and will determine which steps you would need to take in order for you to move properly and safely again.

  • Do you suffer from back pain when you sit or stand in the same position for a long time?
  • Do you feel like your lower back is weak?
  • Do you suffer from radiating pain from your back?
  • Do you feel like your back is stuck?
  • Do your back problems keep coming back?

Monthly personal guidance is included with your fitness subscription

Feel free to contact us by filling in the contact form. Indicate that you want help with your back problems and our back specialist Jasper Mulder will contact you.

Together we will find a way to make you move again

We understand that you might be a bit nervous to exercise with your back pain. But, think of it this way: if a vase is broken, it will stay broken if you choose not to do anything about it. If you make a start by slowly gluing the pieces back together, the vase will become beautiful and whole again. If you come to work out with us in Amsterdam, we hope you will notice an improvement. We think you deserve that! Find out how to how to get acquainted with Fresh here.

Markus, the owner of Fresh, knows better than anyone what it is like to find the right guidance after breaking his back 20 years ago. This motivated him to offer others the right guidance that is needed.

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