Beste club van Amsterdam 2017

Laura Henson

I moved to Amsterdam from London two years ago and joined Fresh shortly thereafter. I have always been interested in fitness and exercise and am a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor.

When I became pregnant I continued working out and spent a lot of time during my pregnancy at Fresh. During my first and second trimester I did extensive walking and biking on the cardio machines and went to Club Power classes regularly. The Fresh trainers helped me monitor my progress and offered suggestions for modifications and new exercises.

During my third trimester I came to the gym for a fast uphill walk almost every day. Fresh is a wonderfully relaxing environment, so working out was a part of my daily routine which I always looked forward to.

The night before I went into labour I was at Fresh for an 8 km uphill walk on the treadmill. I managed my delivery of my big baby boy the next day without painkillers or intervention and have also had a fantastic recovery. From three weeks after delivery I’ ve been back at Fresh regularly for low impact cardio and Club Power to get back to my pre-pregnancy wight and fitness.

My particular prenatal exercise plan was tailored to me en isn’ t necessarily suitable for everyone. However, there is a lot that can be done during pregnancy for your fitness en Fresh and their trainers are on hand to help figure out what’s right for you.

I’m very grateful to Fresh for creating such a warm enjoyable space to both relax en sweat in!